BALI our Home away from Home…♥

“Wander the world, expectant of adventures and open to opportunities”

Chilly winter days are here, and waking up to 2 degrees has definitely got me craving some warm, sunny weather! Bali is our incredible home away from home and exactly where I want to be right about now. If you haven’t yet experienced this beautiful island, I’m about to convince you to please do yourself a favour and escape some winter. This truly inspiring, tropical paradise, is a place where dreams can become a reality. The culture, the vibrant colours, unique handmade designs and stunning fabrics on offer make this place a wonderland for designers from all over the world. This is also where our beautiful Bijou designs are bought to life. Continue reading “BALI our Home away from Home…♥”


Taming a Taurus…♥

Firstly, this procrastinating Pisces must apologise for the lateness of this blog… Sorry beautiful Taurians, I promise I don’t love you any less!

 “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”

Introducing the ‘Bull’ – our headstrong, independent Taurian companions. These beautiful creatures are true to their symbol, they love to take charge and do things their own way. That’s why we love them (and we hate them!) They know what needs to be done and they will make it happen, this applies to all aspects of life. Now, are you ready to hold on for the ride?… Continue reading “Taming a Taurus…♥”

Adventures of an Aries…♥

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Fiery, independent and confident and the first sign of the zodiac. Introducing, the amazing Aries. These fiery females are energetic, adventurous and like their symbol, the Ram, they have no hesitation in going full steam ahead in all aspects of life. If you have a special Aries in your world, you certainly won’t ever be bored in their presence, but you will have to try and keep up with their fast pace lifestyle and be prepared to live life on the edge. Fear is not option! Continue reading “Adventures of an Aries…♥”

Cheers to the END of the Festive Season…♥

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Welcome to April and the END of the crazy, festive season! Go on, give yourself a pat on the back, you survived!! We’ve had Christmas, New Year, a ridiculous amount of public holidays, Easter, an onslaught of birthdays, weddings and some crazy hen’s nights. Not to mention the many random summer night’s that have ‘accidently’ escalated, ending in a 2am pizza delivery or Macca’s run AND a nasty hangover. Are you hearing me? We’re definitely a little poorer, our clothes are a little tighter, we’re sleep deprived, we drank too much and ate too much, but god it was fun… I think? Now it’s time to recover! I’m going to give you (and myself) some handy, helpful tips for a healthy start to April. Let’s do this! Continue reading “Cheers to the END of the Festive Season…♥”

Fishing for a PISCES…♥

“It is better to be a big fish in a small pond, than a small fish in a mighty ocean”

Well, well, well, where do I begin? I should probably start by saying how AMAZING, beautiful and intelligent Pisces are, DEFINITELY the number 1 sign of the zodiac! I suppose I should also come clean and tell you that I am actually a crazy Piscean. Not to worry, I know I’m very far from being Miss Perfect so I promise I’ll be brutally honest and come clean about some of our very, very good and very, very bad Pisces traits. Continue reading “Fishing for a PISCES…♥”

LOVE the skin you’re in…♥

“Self confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it!”

Tall? Short? Curvy? Slender? No matter what your body shape is, it’s important to remember that you can always look amazing, feel confident and wear the latest trends! Some ‘looks’ are a little harder for certain body types to pull off. For example, I am a 5ft shorty and I have a current obsession with flowy maxi skirts and bohemian dusters. Unfortunately, most ‘Maxi’ styles end up looking like I’m attempting to break the world record for the longest wedding dress train! However, I CAN get away with wearing the highest pairs of heels without EVER feeling too tall and long ‘tops’ can usually double up as dresses, bonus! I am totally guilty of buying things in the past (MANY things) that have looked absolutely RIDICULOUS on me, just because they are ‘in fashion’ (surely I’m not alone here?) I want to share with you some fashion advise from a couple of our beautiful Bijou friends, the lovely Amelia Stubbs of Curvy Consulting and Kara Poore of Your Confident Woman. These two incredible and inspiring women know how to rock confidence, comfort and style accommodating to their body shape and lifestyle, and we absolutely adore them! Continue reading “LOVE the skin you’re in…♥”

How to catch an AQUARIAN…♥

“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language the sky speaks to you.”

Whether we believe or not, aren’t we all a little intrigued by the stars? I know I certainly am! The stars or in technical terms ‘the Zodiac’ is said to determine our human traits and personalities, both good AND bad! Throughout the year, we’re going to take a look at each of the 12 signs that make up the mystical Zodiac and our good vs bad traits, starting with the wild, ‘Water Bearing’ AQUARIUS. I have a beautiful Aquarian BFF and a carefree Aquarian sibling, so I do have a soft spot for these crazy creatures. I also have a soft spot for Aquarian celeb Harry Styles (surely I’m not alone here..?)

Continue reading “How to catch an AQUARIAN…♥”

Our TOP 10 Beach Accessories & Necessities…♥

“Live in the Sunshine. Swim the Sea. Drink the Wild Air”

Summer is my absolute favourite of the seasons. I’ve been a beach gal my entire life and nothing beats the warm sand between your toes, crystal clear water with the sun sparkling on the surface and the peaceful serenity of the sounds of the sea (unless you’re beaching with the kiddies, then that’s a WHOLE other story!)

We should be comfortable and prepared for a long day at the beach, which requires packing the essentials. I can honestly say I’m not the best when it comes to packing in general and I do have to remind myself that it’s a DAY at the beach, not a 3 week vacation. I’ve finally mastered a TOP 10 selection of beach accessories and necessities and as Julie Andrews would say ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ (my apologies for getting that song stuck in your head!) Continue reading “Our TOP 10 Beach Accessories & Necessities…♥”

The B I J O U Journey… ♥

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”

I want to start by sharing with you the JOURNEY of Bijou (the short version), a journey which began over 3 years ago as an idea, an idea that quickly became a dream and after months of hard work and dedication (and a LOT of caffeine), a dream that became a reality.

If someone had told me 15 years ago “one day you will have a fashion label” I would have laughed (If someone had told me 15 years ago that someday I would care so much about my eyebrows, I would have also laughed!)  In my teen years I loved keeping up with the latest fashion & stocking my wardrobe full of the hottest brands at that time, with Britney Spears as my fashion icon (true story! *insert cringe*)

Continue reading “The B I J O U Journey… ♥”